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Moose Cult

by Moose Cult

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Moose Cult 04:34
Moose cult rising As empires are falling Under the weight of empty promises Drowned in greed Apathy, entitled legacy They turned away from the warning signs There for all to see Complicit in the crime Unending quest for more Never satisfied Moose cult rising As empires are falling Dreams for a future dead Every culture leaves a trail of failure Primal urge to live beyond its ….means Tapping abyssal well Diversion certain road to hell Moose cult rising As empires are falling Under their own weight Moose cult Reconnected with the living earth Severed long ago
Recrimination for taking a stand Targeted demolition of body and mind Dare to obstruct progress’s way Burning bodies left at the gates Intimidate, construct another cage Smothering dissent, containing the rage The righteous code, a willingness to die To protect against imminent demise Golden chains harness your will At one with nothing, no purpose still The hills are fed, the seas run red With the blood of dead idealists
Dire Logic 02:17
Who tends that fire as hatred burns Outrage as always will be forged From a moving target Prone to dire logic Immersed in lies and isolated from reason Like a weak animal broken off for the kill There is no future in selfish ideology Merely a Deep state of idiocy Dire logic prone
No. Really. 07:56
Slowly disappear into darkness Diagnosis, a relief, became a superpower Get busy living or lay down to die Rhetoric, beautiful as brutal Entire narrative built around an enigma Get busy living or lay down to die Is there light in the dark? Is there hope in silence? Or are we the first that dare not dream greater dreams I could turn my face from the stars that bore me Or let evil reign, when good people do nothing Put poison in their bodies, turn fertile land to dust Right is wrong I know that now So deeply submerged in the great lie Spent decades achieving zero Effecting no real change Grotesquely twisting in the wind A future hung out to dry Endeavour to set an example that will be A symbol of aspirational possibilities Get busy living or lay down to die. No. really. A motivating force To stand resolute On the edge of hopelessness
Fate of mankind, decided by the twin threats Of hubris and stupidity Financing extinction, subsidizing arrogance Active disregard Exposed for who you really are A fearful manchild with no coherent purpose Standing firm in the face of reason The irony of complaint Lessened opportunities False state of a diminishing world Two sides to every folly Equality can only be established Under the rule of equity and equilibrium Vital and necessary Nil growth and an overhaul Of human civilisation In the firing line Martyred for the cause We had come so far to gamble everything On short term gain Began with fire, fed by air Restore the Earth
Mountain 06:10
Symbol of permanence Desert in the sky Cold winds blow in the death zone A test of all living endurance Finding these extremes, that have always been And always will be Battle for life and death, mountain and stream As to a mountain, mankind dwarfed In Ten thousand years When the mountains still stand Even if we fail The stone will Weather the flames, defiant And in a million years if the mountain has fallen And turned to dust All traces otherwise gone Some remnant remembers our time in the sun
Rose from obscurity For a simple truth To shout when others stay mute Lighting the spark that took hold Like a wildfire across the plane The curse of being born into a doomed generation Inherited a dying age, destruction aeon Called a poor misguided child - Corrupted mouthpiece of some far reaching conspiracy Preserving the pale blue dot, nothing else matters Everyone that has ever lived will be erased Night draws in, the dusk of mankind Under attack by cruel venom Yet prevailed, The girl that saved the world Forced change to wicked ways Pathetic rule, fractured power Fortress of straw. in its final hour Foundations shaken apart Earthquake of evidence Cold hard data Never take for granted, our Earth ship Voices raised, to roar down empty words If I were to be judged I would stand or fall With the girl that saved the world


Thematically and musically adjacent to monsterworks.bandcamp.com, thundoom.bandcamp.com and bullelephant.bandcamp.com ...Jon figured why not start up yet another band!?

Hence Moose Cult was born, leaning on the reliable brothers in arms of Hugo (Monsterworks, Thūn) playing fretless bass for the first time and James Knoerl on drums (Gargoyl, Thūn), with a new collaborator in Tommy Loose (Smokescreen, solo artist) on lead guitar.

The band concept is an "envirometal" ode to preserving nature although, when the guys at All4band.com were finished with the artwork, it looks like something entirely more sinister.

As an aside, you are requested to cancel all subscription music streaming services. Support artists direct with paid-for downloads or physical merch.

Check out video for title track: youtu.be/0hdYfJl9C5M


released August 4, 2023

Words by Jonathan Grenville Higgs
Music by Blade, except Dire Logic by Hugo Wilkinson

Guitars/vocals: Jonny Moose
Bass: Huge Cult
Drums: Jimmy K
Lead Guitar: Tommy Loose

Drum production (recording and editing) by JK Rollin'
Lead guitar recorded by Sam Loose
Vocals recorded by Jamie at Echo Studios, Buckingham
Bass recorded by Hugo late at night
All other guitars recorded by Jon when he was supposed to be working

Mixed by Jon
Mastered by Dan Swanö, Unisound, Sweden

Artwork by All4Band.com

(c) 2023 Eat Lead & Die Music



all rights reserved



Moose Cult UK

UK/US death/doom metal band.

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